グリッターヘッド 34 商品

A fusion of jigheads and metal jig, and the glittering is aimed at horse mackerel and as well as all kinds of fish.
「Glitter: A bright, shining reflected light」
34’s Plankton Pattern, which proposed so far. The basic is “Do not move.” Naturally, you can catch the horse mackerel with it. In order to further develop the world of ajing, we decided to develop a rig that can be moved and fished even though it is plankton pattern. A completely new jighead was created by fusing the glitter of metal jigs with the jighead.

GLITTER HEAD targets are not only limited to only horse mackerel. On the shore, you can enjoy reactions from other fish species, such as Rockfish, Scorpionfish, Greenling, Soi. In the boat fishing, you can enjoy reactions from other fish species anyway from groupers such as pheasant grouper, red grouper, sevenhand grouper, blue grouper etc to bluish-skinned fish such as juvenille amberjack. Its’ actual fishing power was also good in overseas.

The GLITTERHEAD can freely control the fall speed with or without tension. If you apply tension, it’s a slow fall like a general jighead and if you do a twitch, moves left and right to appeal. The action that induces a slow bite like a general jighead and a reaction bite of like a metal jig is exactly a hybrid of a jighead and a metal jig.

It supports all 34 worms so far, so it will work as ready-to-go.
When aiming for horse mackerel, PLANKTON and TADPOLE are recommended, When aiming for Rock species, CHIMERABAIT, MEDUSA and OCTPUS are recommended.

GLITTERHEAD, which explores the world of new plankton patterns, will provide an experience that has never been possible with Ajing before.